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Failure Analysis Services

Failure analysis is a critical aspect of product development and system improvement which not only helps us learn from the past, but helps prevent future failures.

Failure analysis is a multi-faceted, holistic approach to determine how and why a material or product failed. The initial stage of any investigation involves an in-depth discovery phase of the circumstances surrounding the failure and any relevant background information, including environmental factors, type of application, service life and pertinent design information.

W I Met-Lab’s failure analysts apply a wide variety of analytical methods and tools to inspect the failed part.

  • Working to prevent future failure
    While identifying the root cause and associated responsibility of any failure are the primary goals, the added value is provided in preventing future occurrences. Based on findings from the failure analysis process, W I Met-Lab experts provide recommendations and work closely with the customer to find solutions to problems for a diverse range of products and materials. The combination of our materials expertise and our knowledge on what impact the service environment can have on a material or product enables rapid delivery of comprehensive results to identify resolutions and avoid future in-service failures.

We can offer all above mentioned tests under all third party inspection agencies

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